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Alba Orvis Flyfishers are new Lexus Team Champions

After a thrilling final day, top Scottish team Alba Orvis Flyfishers have been crowned the 2011 Lexus Team Champions.
On Day 1, they were in 3rd place, just 1lb 7ozs off the top spot, occupied by Blagdon Flyfishers, with Rio Masters in 2nd place.

Amazingly, those same 3 teams occupied the top 3 places on the 2nd day, albeit in a different order.

Blagdon Flyfishers from the West Country dropped to 3rd place, with Rio Masters again taking the runners-uop spot and Alba taking the 2nd day honours.  And it was the size of Alba's win on the final day that helped them to the top overall spot over the 2 days.

Top Individual Rod was Paul Roach from the West Country who was fishing for Team Snowbee.  Roach had 13 trout weighing 28lbs exactly.


  Team Results
        Fish Total Weight
1 ALBA ORVIS FLYFISHERS   55 117 lb 9 oz
2 RIO MASTERS     47 103 lb 0 oz
3 BLAGDON FLYFISHERS   44 97 lb 10 oz
4 PEREGRINE ESTHWAITE   38 79 lb 15 oz
5 ANGLO WELSH FLYFISHERS   33 73 lb 12 oz
6 TEAM WELLBANK     36 73 lb 6 oz
7 MARGAM FLYFISHERS   34 72 lb 9 oz
8 SEIGHFORD SHARKS   30 70 lb 9 oz
9 TEAM SNOWBEE     34 68 lb 15 oz
10 TEAM FROG HAIR     34 67 lb 13 oz
11 BRFFA EMERGERS     30 64 lb 14 oz
12 NYMPH-O-MANIACS   32 63 lb 13 oz
13 CLAN CHIEFS     32 62 lb 5 oz
14 GREENWELL PERSUADERS   29 62 lb 5 oz
15 ANGLO SCOTS     28 58 lb 12 oz
16 CHATTON TROUT FISHERS   26 54 lb 15 oz
17 TEAM FROZEN NORTH   23 53 lb 6 oz
18 STOCKS FALCONS     24 52 lb 13 oz
19 OSPREYS     24 50 lb 7 oz
20 TEAM AIRFLO     27 50 lb 0 oz
21 STOCKS HAWKS     16 32 lb 2 oz
Alba Orvis Flyfishers - 2011 Lexus Team Champions

Lexus Team 1st day Results

Day 2 - 13:00hrs

The 2nd day of this year's Lexus Team Championships Final is now underway.  Stronger winds and bright skies - normally the kiss-of-death for fly fishing - greeted the 126 anglers this morning.  Once again, the majority of the boats headed for the main basin, but 9 brave souls went straightr down the South Arm and I think they have made a good decision - but time will tell!

Top Team yesterday were West Country nymph and dry fly specialists Blagdon Flyfishers, with Rio Masters 2nd and Orvis Alba Flyfishers from Scotland 3rd.  The rod average was a respectable 3.34 and average weight of trout 2lbs 2ozs.  Top individual rod on Day 1 was Martin Barrett of Anglo Welsh Flyfishers - again from the South West of England.  Martin is one of the country's top coarse anglers who is quickly building a reputation on the fly fishing circuit.

Here is a run down of the results from Day 1.

        Fish Total Weight
1 BLAGDON FLYFISHERS   30 65 lb 14 oz
2 RIO MASTERS     28 64 lb 9 oz
3 ALBA ORVIS FLYFISHERS   29 64 lb 7 oz
4 PEREGRINE ESTHWAITE   27 57 lb 3 oz
5 SEIGHFORD SHARKS   23 51 lb 13 oz
6 TEAM SNOWBEE     25 48 lb 12 oz
7 NYMPH-O-MANIACS   25 48 lb 4 oz
8 ANGLO WELSH FLYFISHERS   21 47 lb 6 oz
9 TEAM WELLBANK     20 42 lb 10 oz
10 MARGAM FLYFISHERS   21 42 lb 6 oz
11 TEAM FROG HAIR     20 39 lb 14 oz
12 ANGLO SCOTS     20 39 lb 2 oz
13 GREENWELL PERSUADERS   17 37 lb 11 oz
14 CHATTON TROUT FISHERS   15 35 lb 8 oz
15 BRFFA EMERGERS     17 33 lb 13 oz
16 TEAM AIRFLO     18 33 lb 6 oz
17 CLAN CHIEFS     17 33 lb 2 oz
18 OSPREYS     14 28 lb 12 oz
19 STOCKS FALCONS     12 26 lb 5 oz
20 TEAM FROZEN NORTH   12 25 lb 15 oz
21 STOCKS HAWKS     10 19 lb 12 oz


  Individual Results
    Fish Total Weight
1 MARTIN BARRETT 10 21 lb 5 oz
2 NICK DUNN 10 19 lb 5 oz
3 PAUL ROACH 9 17 lb 14 oz
4 GREGOR FLEMING 7 17 lb 5 oz
5 PHIL DIXON 7 17 lb 0 oz
6 ALASTAIR BEAUMONT 8 16 lb 9 oz
7 JOHN BRAITHWAITE 7 15 lb 8 oz
8 NEIL ANDERSON 7 15 lb 6 oz
9 ANDREW HEDGER 6 14 lb 3 oz
10 ROB SOSBE 6 13 lb 9 oz
11 BEN BAYLISS 7 13 lb 8 oz
12 PAUL LITTLE 5 13 lb 6 oz
13 ALLEN HUGHES 7 13 lb 5 oz
14 JAMES GARDINER 6 13 lb 2 oz
15 PAUL WILD 6 12 lb 12 oz
16 RON GENT 5 12 lb 11 oz
17 JON TURNER 6 12 lb 10 oz
18 MARK MILES 6 12 lb 4 oz
19 JULIAN HUBBARD 4 12 lb 2 oz
20 JIM TWADDLE 6 11 lb 15 oz

Lexus Team Final Day 1 nears completion

Day 1 - 17:45hrs

Just 15 minutes to go and the weigh-in for Day 1 of the 2011 Lexus Team Championship Final will begin.
The competitors were treated to some cloud during the afternoon and plenty of trout have been caught.  We think that nymphs on floating, Midge-Tips and slow sink lines have been the main tactic with the majority of the boats fishing the basin due to a localised brown algae bloom in the South Arm.

Full results from Day 1 to follow.

John Horsey Fly Fishing
John Horsey Fly Fishing

Lexus Team Final - Day 1

12:30 Sunday

It's 13:10 on Day 1 of the Lexus Team Final and all 21 Teams are present, meaning that 126 anglers are out on the water.
Yesterday the fishing was very hard, due mainly to the awful weather - strong winds with intermittent rain and sunshine.  Later in the evening, the heavens opened and it tipped it down for over an hour.

This morning, it felt like Autumn, with low air temperatures, bright skies but thankfully; very little wind.

Many of the Welsh contingent were up early to watch the rugby, with Wales beating Samoa, closely followed by England's win over Georgia - so spirits were high in both camps!

9 boats ventured up the South Arm, with 54 heading for the main basin.  Within 6 minutes of the start, we counted 6 fish being netted, so things had definitely improved on yesterday!

13:13 Sunday

Some anglers have now taken their 4 fish limit bag and are on Catch and Release, so Fishery Manager John Seaton is happy that the Rutland trout have come back on the feed.  If the weather remains settled, this looks like being a fantastic competition.

I will update whenever possible over the next 36 hours.


Lexus Team Final this weekend

This weekend, the 18th and 19th September, will see 21 teams of 6 anglers descend upon mighty Rutland Water near Leicester to compete for the title of 2011 Lexus Team Champions.
All the teams have qualified from their Regional Heats earlier this year and the Grand Final looks like being a cracker!

Scores of full International Anglers will be rubbing shoulders and sharing tactics with anglers fishing their first major final - where else but fly fishing can you witness such a thing?

The rules have been amended to allow Catch and Release, so only 4 fish will be killed and then unlimited catch and release using de-barbed hooks.  At this stage, boobies will still be allowed, but not double hooks.

There is no doubt that Catch and Release is the best way to ensure a true result and the only worry is that some anglers will not de-barb their hooks properly - however, a Marshalls Boat will be on the water to check flies and hooks and anyone found with a hook not properly de-barbed will have their released fish disqualified.

Due to the Catch and Release element, the need for the ever-controversial Time Bonus has been eliminated and the team catching the greater number of fish normally wins - unless of course, some of the team members decide to target the larger, grown-on trout for which Rutland Water is rightly famous - in that case, the race for the stockies could be unwise!

I am hoping for a couple of testing fishing days, where stockies do not influence the result, competitors have a choice of whether they want to target the grown-on fish, they need a multitude of methods to catch them and most important of all, everyone has a great few days, leaving with some happy memories and making some new friends.

Full report on Tuesday.

Italy World Championships did not go to plan!

The World Championships are now over and after 5 days I have recovered sufficiently to pen my blog - apologies for the delay.  Hardy Greys Team England were in 2nd place overall following a cracking team effort on the first session and at the end of day 1, we were in 5th place and going well.

Sadly, we had a few blanks in the team and some awful draws on the river and we finished the event in a disappointing 10th position.  Italy on the other hand, came from 13th on the first session to storm ahead of the ever-reliable Czech Team to win Gold and also claim Gold and Silver Individual placings.

Now I was in Castel di Sangro when the Worlds were last held in Italy and a similar thing happened.

It wasn't the best organised of World Championships - there was stocking in 2 of the rivers prior to the match, which meant some competitors were fishing for ultra finnicky wild browns and marble trout, while others could strip streamers down-and-across to drag out stocky rainbows!  What a joke.

The lake session at Lago de Brais was the most scenic I have ever fished - but once again, they shoved in a few thousand stocky browns before the match and turned it into a stupid bun-fight, where some of the anglers were fishing while their boatmen rowed them around - why these guys are not banned I will never know.  One of the reasons perhaps, is that there was no official from FIPS Mouche overseeing the sessions.  Some of us watched in total disbelief as lines were being trolled behind boats and fish jumped on and leapt out of the water - GOOD ANGLING (NOT)!

We normally have duplicate catch return sheets in World and European Championships, so if someone adds the total of fish wrongly, or there is a dispute, then it can easily be rectified.  Not this year.  We felt that FIPS Mouche should have insisted on this critical part of the results system.

These Championships had the potential to be superb - in practice we caught well, even though the rivers were grey with snow melt thanks to temperatures in the 90's!  We were prepared thoroughly by our ace guide Edgardo Dona who himself is a true expert on these Italian rivers.  We were kneeling for hours to fish upstream for ultra wary fish - but that seemed rediculous with the introduction of stockies into the rivers Aurino and Rienza.
What's wrong with hard fishing?  At least it is the same for everyone.

As usual, the mix was 4 rivers and 1 lake - they had a reserve lake, so why don't FIPS Mouche insist on a 3:2 ratio? 

The Dolomite Mountain area was scenically breathtaking and I will never forget the beauty of the area.  The friendships made will last lifetimes.  Competitors travelled from as far apart as Mexico and Australia.  We don't need stockies - when will organisers ever understand this?  It blighted what could have been one of the best World Championships ever - instead, it will be remembered for farcical boat sessions on a beautiful lake and a series of "peggy" sessions on the rivers.

My hearty congratulations go to World Champion Valerio Santi Amantini, 2nd placed Stefano Cominazzini and 3rd placed Roman Heimlich.  I would also like to congratulate Simon Cocker of Scotland who was in my group and deservedly finished in the top 10 - as well as the rest of his excellent Scotland Team.

In total, 21 countries took part this year and all were full of praise for the Controllers who were, to a man (and woman) - fantastic.  We salute you all.  As for the organisers and FIPS Mouche .................. well, hopefully lessons will be learnt for the future.

The victorious top 3 teams in Italy
John and Valerio - World Champion

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