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See John on Sky TV's Tight Lines this Friday

I'm looking forward to going into the Tight Lines Studio "Bothy" to chat over my recent Cayman Islands trip with presenter Keith Arthur.
We will be watching footage from the trip, where I caught bonefish, tarpon and a host of other species on the fly rod.

Little Cayman really is a wonderful location and a tropical island paradise - the fishing is great too!

We will also be discussing thoughts on the coming trout fly fishing season and talking about the methods most likely to bring success.
The show goes out on Sky Sports 3 at 6:00pm this Friday, 9th March 2012.

Back from Tasmania

My trip to Tasmania was truly awesome.  I have always felt, from my previous visits, that Tasmania had the best stillwater trout fly fishing in the World and my feelings have not changed one bit.  In fact, having driven all over the island on my travels, I now know that there are a multitude of lakes and rivers to fish - not just the better known waters of the Highlands region.

The Gum Beetles didnt put in much of a show during the sunny afternoons, but as soon as the cloud covered the sun, mayflies (known there as Duns) hatched in their thousands.  Early morning and late evenings gave us opportunities for tailing fish in the margins, while the sunnier days helped us to "polaroid" fish in open water.  These are techniques that we simply do not encounter back home.

We even had some time for a sea fishing trip out from Port Arthur aboard Steve Gilbert's boat Moonshine.  We were after Tuna, but due to calm seas, they were elusive.  We did get 6 hits and 2 Albacore to the boat, plus a heap of Gurnard, flathead, perch and striped trumpeter to baits fished 300 feet below the boat!

But it was the rivers that were the real eye openers.  Huge wild trout from tiny streams and creeks - wild rainbows and browns from tumbling rivers as clear as the river Test.  I caught my biggest ever wild brownie from a river no wider than a minor road.  Keep your eyes out for it in Trout Fisherman magazine as they have the exclusive in pics and words next month. now fully updated

The Lexus Web Site is now fully operational and updated for the 2012 season.

Download an Entry Form for Individuals or Teams from the site and follow the progress of each and every match as it unfolds throughout the year.

The first Individual Heat is at Llyn Llandegfedd in South Wales this coming Sunday, 11th March 2012.  Llandeg has been fishing it's head off since opening day and loads of overwintered rainbows are being caught.

It's not too late to enter this Heat, just email to reserve your place.

Drifting on Arthurs Lake
Cracking Brownie from Woods lake
Albacore fresh from the sea!

My first Chew 30 of 2012!

On Monday I fished with Chris Tarrant on Chew and we had a superb day on the baits. 
I would far prefer lure fishing, but as it was cold, we decided to put down the anchor and watch floats instead.

The last time Chris and I fished the Spring Pike Trials, he had a 30 during the full force of a snow storm!  This time, it was my turn to get one of Chew's big girls, weighing 32lb2 12ozs.  Herring was the bait and 9 foot was the key depth.

Chris also had 5 pike up to 10lbs and I had 4, with a decenty double of 17lbs thrown in for good measure.

The next day, I fished with Paul Mersh and his father Peter.  We had 12 pike to the boat, with Paul's biggest going 22lbs 4ozs and Pete's best at 17lbs.  I also chipped in with a fish of 20lbs 12ozs and our total weight was over 150lbs.

This was my last pike trials boat until October - on Thursday I fly out to Tasmania to film and fish the best stillwater trout fishing in the World!

When I get back I will update you on the trip.

2012 Lexus Entry Forms

The Entry Forms for this year's Lexus European Flyfishing Championships all went out in the post today.

The Lexus Web Site will be updated when I return.

John Horsey Fly Fishing
John Horsey Fly Fishing
John Horsey Fly Fishing

Chew Pike go ballistic!

What a great day John Synnuck and I had yesterday on Chew Valley fishing for pike.  We had over 100lbs to the boat, but this almost paled into insignificance by the magnitude of fish taken on the day.

For the very first time in a day on Chew, there were not one, but two 40lb specimens landed.  Also, no less than seven 30lb pike and a whole host of 20 pounders and loads of mid to upper teens.

The best of the bunch weighed in at 41lbs 4ozs and was taken from Woodford Bank.  Phil Wakeford also had a 40lb fish from a boat.  Neville Fickiling at last broke his Chew 30lb duck with two 30lb fish in a day!

With water temperatures between 6 and 7 degrees C, the Chew pike must have kept feeding all through the Winter months.  I saw several pike swirling on the surface chasing roach and this activity is more akin to what I see in the Summer months.

Dead baits such as mackerel, smelt, herring and blueys accounted for the majority of fish.  Lures have been taking a few, but the vast majority of pike anglers that visit Chew Valley fish nothing but baits, so I would expect this type of result.

John's first fish of the 2012 trials was a solid 17lb 04oz lump, while my first fish of 2012 tipped the scales at 22lbs 4ozs.

The first 3 days of trials have produced at least a dozen fish over 30lbs and now 2 over 40lbs.  The weather is now changing from low to high pressure and the temperatures are already dropping - hopefully this will not stop the pike from feeding - I am out tomorrow, so watch this space ................

John Synnuck's 17.04 pike
My first fish of the season weighed 22.04


Hot off the press, here are the venues and dates for the 2012 Lexus European Flyfishing Championships.


Llyn Llandegfedd      Sun 11th March
Rutland Water           Mon 9th April
Chew Valley               Tues 24th April
Chew Valley               Weds 25th April               Floating Lines Only
Woodford (N.I.)          Sat 28th April
Grafham                     Sun 29th April
Straid (N.I.)                 Fri 1st June
Loch Leven                Weds 13th June
Woodford (N.I.)          Fri 15th June                    Floating Lines Only
Foremark                   Sun 17th June                * * NEW VENUE * *
Eyebrook                    Mon 2nd July
Eyebrook                    Tues 3rd July                    Floating Lines Only
Pitsford                        Weds 4th July
Lake of Menteith        Thurs 12th July
Llyn Brenig                  Sat 14th July
Stocks                          Thurs 26th July               Floating Lines Only
Stocks                          Fri 27th July
Ravensthorpe            Thurs 9th Aug                * * NEW VENUE * *     Floating Lines Only
Draycote                      Fri 10th Aug

Grand Final                 Chew Valley Lake        Sat 1st Sept 2012


MIDLANDS          Rutland Water            Tues 10th April
SOUTH/MIDS      Grafham                      Mon 30th April
SOUTH WEST     Chew Valley                Weds 14th June
NORTH                 Stocks                          Sat 28th July
                               Stocks                          Sun 29th July

                               Lake of Menteith          Fri 13th July

                               Llyn Brenig                   Sun 15th July

Grand Final        Rutland Water             Sat 15th & Sun 16th Sept 2012

Lexus Entry Forms will be mailed to all existing competitors within the next 10 days and the Lexus Web Site will be updated soon, where Entry Forms can be downloaded.

Those wishing to enter now should list their chosen dates/venues and send the details to:

Stanton Wick,
BS39 4BZ

Entry Fees for the Individual Heats remain at £30 for first entry and £25 for subsequent entries.

Team Fees are £165 per Team of six anglers.

Cheques should be made payable to "LEFC"



Briefing the competitors at the Lexus Grand Final

Lexus Team Final dates changed

The Lexus European Flyfishing Championships Team Final dates have been altered so that both days fall on a weekend.

The new dates are Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th September 2012.

The official practice day will be Friday 14th September 2012.

The 2012 full Lexus Individual and Team Heat dates are almost complete - just 1 venue needs to be confirmed and then the dates will be released through this WebSite, the National Magazines and the official Lexus WebSite -

Two new venues - Foremark and Ravensthorpe - have been introduced into the 2012 lexus Individual Heats.

Lexus Final Dates announced

With a New Year comes a whole new season of fly fishing competitions, the biggest of which is the Lexus European Flyfishing Championships.

The Individual Championships is by far the largest event in Europe and possibly the World.

The Calendar of Heats and dates is currently a work-in-progress, but the Grand Final will be held at Chew Valley Lake in Somerset on Saturday 1st September 2012.

The 2 Day Team Final will again be held at Rutland Water near Leicester on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th September 2012.

Entry Forms will be sent to all existing competitors within the next 2 weeks and new entrants can register by emailing their contact details to ""


John Horsey Fly Fishing
John Horsey Fly Fishing
John Horsey Fly Fishing

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